2018 Long Course Season Information & Commitment Form

IMPORTANT! Please read ALL information before completing commitment form.

We are asking that all current, registered swimmers use the form below to accept or decline participation in Long Course Season. Forms are due by Friday, March 23. All outstanding bills for SCS must be paid in full before 3/31 in order to start LCS.

Note: This is not a new registration. This is a commitment to the Long Course Season for current swimmers. ALL DETAILS LISTED BELOW.


The Badger Long Course Season follows the USA Swimming Calendar.

  • For AGT, it ends with Summer JO’s. (AGT Zones TBD) Approx dates: April 2018 – July 30, 2018.
  • For Senior Team, season ends with Futures and Zone Meets. Approx dates: April 2018 – Aug 5, 2018.

Costs are broken down by Dues and Fees. Please read about dues and fees carefully.


  • Age Group Team: 3 sessions/week
    Recommended for most 8 & Unders
  • Age Group Team: 4 sessions/week
    Recommended for most 10 & Unders
  • Age Group Team: Up to 6 sessions/week
    Recommended for 10U and 11 & Up swimmers
  • Senior Team 13+:

+ Competitive Fees

Competitive Fees are fees that are paid out by Badger Swim Club for each competitive swimmer. These fees include athlete fees, meet entry fees and other costs associated with sending swimmers to meets.

The fees charged at the time of registration will cover the full swim year. No additional competitive fees will be charged for LCS, with the exception of those swimmers who joined late and for any swimmer who participates in meets outside Metro Swimming. Those meets will be billed in addition.

Sibling Discounts

Sibling discounts were applied at the time of Fall registration. They are applied once annually. This is not a new registration.

About Billing & Payment Options

Payment can be made by payment in full, 50/50 with invoices issued on or around April 1 and again on June 1, or, 3 monthly installments issued on April 1, May 1, June 1. All accounts must be settled in full before June 30.

Practice Schedule & Locations

AGT will continue to swim at New Rochelle and Mville through June. We hope to introduce weekends at the Badger pool in June. For the month of July, swim practice will be at *Bonnie Briar and/or Manhattanville Monday – Friday from 7am -9am (*subject to change- waiting on final confirmation) Weekends will be at Badger from 10am-12pm.

Senior Team will continue to swim at Lehman and Mville until the Badger pool is ready for us to transition outdoors. Doubles will be offered after the Badger pool is open.


  • Any Questions about schedules, locations, teams, meets, etc should be directed to your coach or General manager. Contact Brian, John or Doug.
  • Questions about billing should be sent to admin@badgerswimclub.com
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