Pictured Above: David Bravo, Nathalie Eid, Ian Bidwell and Garrett Towne

Badger Swim Club placed first in the men’s events and second in combined scoring at the 23rd Oklahoma Elite Pro Am in Edmond, Oklahoma.

Complete results are posted on www.oks.org and meet mobile.

During the meet, Badger swimmer Cody Miller broke the American and U.S. Open Records in the 50 yard breaststroke. Well done!

Greats swims from Cody Miller, Lindsay Vrooman, Ryan Feeley, Derek Toomey, James Wells, Emily McClellan, Ian, Nathalie, Anina, Josh, David, Garrett, Alexa, Haofeng, Riley, Seth, and Liam. Congratulations to all that attended.

Next stop BAC’s Cera Ve at Rutgers and the 2015 CIG in Geneva at Geneve Natation 1885.

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