Small Group Stroke Clinics

Introducing the Badger Summer Small Group Stroke Clinics!

Each clinic focuses on a specific stroke, and features three, one hour sessions with a maximum of 5 students per clinic. Clinics will be led by Coach Miriam Hierath. Sign up today!
Badger Pool

*In the event of cancellation due to weather, we will find a make up date.

*To participate, swimmers must be registered with Badger Swim Club, have a USA Swimming ID number from another team, or contact to pay an additional $35.00 for insurance.

#1 Breaststroke Clinic

Clinic 1A: Breaststroke for 8U, 10U & 11+
Day & DateTimeLocation
Friday 8/26:00am - 7:00amBadger
Saturday 8/310:00am - 11:00amBadger
Sunday 8/410:00am - 11:00amBadger
Clinic 1B: Breaststroke for 11+
Day & DateTimeLocation
Friday 8/27:00am- 8:00amBadger
Saturday 8/311:00am - 12:00pmBadger
Sunday 8/411:00am - 12:00pmBadger

#2 Freestyle Clinic

Clinic 2A: 8U, 10U & 11+
Day & DateTimeLocation
Monday 8/56:00am - 7:00amBadger
Tuesday 8/66:00am - 7:00amBadger
Tuesday 8/64:30pm - 5:30pmBadger
Clinic 2B: 11+
Day & DateTimeLocation
Monday 8/57:00am- 8:00amBadger
Tuesday 8/67:00am- 8:00amBadger
Tuesday 8/65:30pm - 6:30pmBadger

#3 Butterfly Clinic

Clinic 3A: 8U, 10U & 11+
Day & DateTimeLocation
Wednesday 8/74:30pm - 5:30pmBadger
Thursday 8/84:30pm - 5:30pmBadger
Friday 8/96:00am - 7:00amBadger
Clinic 3B: 11+
Day & DateTimeLocation
Wednesday 8/75:30pm - 6:30pmBadger
Thursday 8/85:30pm - 6:30pmBadger
Friday 8/97:00am- 8:00amBadger

#4 Backstroke Clinic

Clinic 4A: 8U, 10U & 11+
Day & DateTimeLocation
Saturday 8/1010:00am - 11:00amBadger
Sunday 8/1110:00am - 11:00amBadger
Monday 8/126:00am - 7:00amBadger
Clinic 4B: 11+
Day & DateTimeLocation
Saturday 8/1011:00am - 12:00pmBadger
Sunday 8/1111:00am - 12:00pmBadger
Monday 8/127:00am - 8:00amBadger

#5 Breaststroke Clinic

Clinic 5A: 8U, 10U & 11+
Day & DateTimeLocation
Monday 8/124:30pm - 5:30pmBadger
Tuesday 8/136:00am - 7:00amBadger
Wednesday 8/144:30pm - 5:30pmBadger
Clinic 5B: 11+
Day & DateTimeLocation
Monday 8/125:30pm - 6:30pmBadger
Tuesday 8/137:00am- 8:00amBadger
Wednesday 8/145:30pm - 6:30pmBadger

#6 Freestyle Clinic

Clinic 5A: 8U, 10U & 11+
Day & DateTimeLocation
Thursday 8/156:00am - 7:00amBadger
Friday 8/166:00am - 7:00amBadger
Saturday 8/1710:00am - 11:00amBadger
Clinic 5B: 11+
Day & DateTimeLocation
Thursday 8/157:00am - 8:00amBadger
Friday 8/167:00am - 8:00amBadger
Saturday 8/1711:00am - 12:00pmBadger
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