Stroke and Turn (officials)

Observe each race to ensure swimmers are in compliance with the rules of swimming. Should a violation occur, record the infraction and other necessary information on a disqualification slip.


There are two timers on each lane. Operate stopwatch to time each race; then if chosen, record result on lane/timesheet. Must be able to stand for the duration of the meet. This is the best spot to watch the action! No experience is necessary! Ages 12 and up and a great way for siblings to earn community service hours or for extended family & friends to get involved in that special swimmer’s life!

Meet Marshall

In the event of overcrowding, responsible for keeping the safety rows cleared. (You may need to ask parents to move their belongings out of the aisle if they are blocking the safety exit.)


Responsible for collecting and delivering all the lane sheets, disqualification cards, and finish judge cards to the scorer’s table after each event.


Responsible for greeting spectators, collecting admission tickets, and answering general questions throughout the session.


Assist the hospitality chair in distributing water and snacks to the volunteers during the meet. This person does not purchase the food and beverage, just helps giving it out. (A sure fire way to popularity!)


Assist the volunteer trained in the “Meet Manager” software by organizing lane sheets, disqualification slips, and finish judge cards by heat and lane number.