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About the Age Group Team

The Badger Age Group Team (AGT) is for swimmers mostly ages 12 and under who are learning to love the sport of swimming, dedicated to training, and are eager to compete in meets. The Age Group Team is broken into 3 small groups. 8U, 10U and 12U.


8 & Under/ 3 day

The 8U program is designed for swimmers mostly ages 6-8 years old. This group swims 3 days per week and participates in about 1 meet per month. The program focuses on making all strokes technically legal, introduction of flip turns and proper finishing techniques, drills done with teaching tools such as flippers, kickboards, noodles, etc, mastering proper diving techniques, and endurance work.

10 & Under/ 4 day

The 10U program is a 4-5 day/week program for swimmers ages 9-10 year olds and those 8U swimmers who are wanting to swim 4 days per week. This group participates in about 1 meet per month. Swimmers focus on mastering endurance in all 4 strokes, learning how to use the pace clock, mastering drills, mastering flip-turns and stroke turns for each stroke, as well as IM transitions.

12 & Under/ 6 day

The 11 and Over program is a 5-6 day/week program for swimmers ages 11 and up and those 10U swimmers who want to swim up 5-6 days a week. This group participates in approximately 1-2 meets per month. This program is for swimmers who are working towards the goal of becoming a Senior Team member. This program focuses on expert stroke technique and analysis, mastering drills and endurance, starts and turns, mental conditioning, goal setting, meet preparation, and race strategy.

13 & Over/ 7+ days

At age 13, swimmers may be ready to transition out of the Age Group Team and onto The Senior Team. The Senior Team is for swimmers ages 13 and Up who have the dedication and physical capability to train at a highly competitive level, and have made the necessary time cuts. Swimmers that desire a recreational or high school commitment may be encouraged to remain on the 11 & over Age Group Team. Learn More about the Senior Team.


All questions about Competitive Swimming should be directed to our general administrator who will put you in touch with the right person based on your questions. Get in Touch!

Try Outs

Try outs are required for new swimmers interested in joining the Age Group Team. Please click here for information about setting up a try out.

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