Team Travel Policy for Badger Swim Club

Purpose: Athletes are most vulnerable to misconduct during travel, particularly overnight stays. This includes a high risk of athlete-to-athlete misconduct. During travel, athletes are often away from their families and support networks, and the setting – new changing areas, locker rooms, workout facilities, automobiles and hotel rooms – is less structured and less familiar.

Team Travel is defined as overnight travel to a swim meet or other team activity that is planned and supervised by the club.

Badger Swim Club does NOT participate in travel meets in which the coaching staff supervises athletes.

  1. Badger Swim Club athletes are the sole responsibility of their parents or an official parent chaperone when not on deck at a travel competition with Badger Swim Club staff.
  2. Parents may inform coaching staff that their athlete will be under the supervision of another team member’s parent. Once staff is informed it is assumed the chaperoned athlete is the sole responsibility of the parent chaperone.
  3. Parents are provided a team hotel but the parents of Badger Swim Club athletes or parent chaperones are responsible for booking the room and stay with their athlete or chaperoned athlete.
  4. Parents or parent chaperones are responsible for all athlete travel to and from the hotel
    to the competition location or to any team events (team dinner, team movie, etc.).
  5. Athlete supervision at the hotel is the sole responsibility of their parent or their parent chaperone. Badger Swim Club staff does not conduct room checks, does not share rooms with athletes, or set room assignments with athletes.
  6. If two families choose to allow their athletes to room together or in a separate room, all burden and responsibility lies with the families who booked the hotel rooms.
  7. Athlete curfew shall be recommended by coaching staff but parent hosts of athletes enforce any form of curfew for the athletes under their supervision.

Expected Behavior of Badger Swim Club Athletes

  1. When at hotel, even under the supervision of parents, athletes are expected to be quiet and respect the rights of teammates and others in hotel
  2. Be prompt and on time for all team events (warm up).
  3. Use appropriate behavior in public facilities
  4. Parent hosts are responsible for all incidental damages
  5. Parent hosts are responsible for all damages or thievery at hotel.

Code of Conduct

Badger has a Code of Conduct in place that all Athletes are expected to abide by during normal practice, and while away at travel.