The Program’s Mission

Established in 1956, Badger Swim Club is one of the oldest and most successful swim club programs in the United States. We are a developmental training program for competitive swimmers ages 6 and up, geared at producing national caliber swimmers. In addition to performance, fostering a safe and supportive environment for our swimmers to excel in and out of the pool is of the utmost importance to us.

Badger’s goal is to introduce young swimmers to swimming on a recreational and local level, introduce them to competitive swimming and training, and provide them with the opportunity to experience success on an intra-team, local, and national level. The ultimate goal is for the swimmers to achieve national and international success, following in the footsteps of hundreds of our alumni. Badger Swim Club is a multiple time USA Swimming Gold Medal Club, and Badger Swimmers have amassed 11 Olympic Medals and 27 World Championship Medals.

The Age Group Team

8 & Unders

The 8U program is a 3 day/week program for swimmers ages 6-8 years old. The program focuses on making all strokes technically legal, introduction of flip turns and proper finishing techniques, drills done with teaching tools such as flippers, kickboards, noodles, etc, mastering proper diving techniques, and endurance work.

10 & Unders

The 10U program is a 4-5 day/week program for swimmers ages 9-10 year olds. This group participates in about 1 meet per month. Swimmers focus on mastering endurance in all 4 strokes, learning how to use the pace clock, mastering drills, mastering flip-turns and stroke turns for each stroke, as well as IM transitions.

11 & Over

The 11 and Over program is a 5-6 day/week program for swimmers ages 11 and up. This group participates in approximately 1-2 meets per month. This program is for swimmers who are working towards the goal of becoming a Senior Team member. This program focuses on expert stroke technique and analysis, mastering drills and endurance, starts and turns, mental conditioning, goal setting, meet preparation, and race strategy.

The Senior Team

13 & Over

The Senior team program is for swimmers ages 13 and Up who have the dedication and physical capability to train at a highly competitive level, and have made the necessary time cuts. Swimmers that desire a recreational or high school commitment may be encouraged to remain on the 11 & over age group team. The goal of the Senior Team is for these swimmers to achieve national and international success.