Badger Swim Club strongly believes that all children should have the opportunity to participate on a competitive swim team regardless of financial status.


Badger Swim Club is a non-profit organization and cannot subsidize the cost of pool rentals, insurance, meet fees, USA swimming fees, equipment, and other operational expenses. Aid can only be offered towards dues and is limited. This policy is intended to regulate the granting of financial assistance in the form of fee reductions for families financially unable to pay the established program fee.

The Badger Swim Club financial support program is for qualified members of the team who need assistance with annual fees and dues. Financial Support is available to any member in good standing with the Badger Swim Club. The swimmer’s parent or guardian will submit to the Committee the following documentation in order for a swimmer to be considered for financial aid:


  1. Must be a Badger Swim Club year round team swimmer.
  2. Swimmers must attend at least 70% of all monthly practices.
  3. Swimmers shall demonstrate a firm commitment to their own development as a swimmer as well as to the team.
  4. Swimmers and family members must fulfill volunteer & fund-raising requirements over the course of the season.
  5. Must be able to demonstrate financial need or extenuating family circumstances.

Application Process

A. Individuals may begin the application process for financial assistance by completing the form below.
B. Application must be made at least two weeks prior to the program start date.
C. The Badger Sports Club Board of Directors shall review the financial assistance applications. All information provided shall be kept confidential.
D. All applications must allow two weeks for processing. Applicants will be notified by email or phone of their funding status.

Guidelines For Approval/Denial

General Guidelines for the reduction of fees.

A. Financial Assistance Application must contain complete and true information. Incomplete or falsified information shall result in denial of requests.
B. Applicants must meet the requirements of eligibility described in eligibility section.
C. Financial assistance may be denied when granting such assistance shall have a significant financial effect on the operation of the program.
D. Financial assistance shall not be granted for Meet Entries, USA-Swimming Memberships, or Equipment Purchase.
E. All program participants granted financial assistance shall remain in good standing with program instructors and Badger Swim Club. Unsportsmanlike conduct and/or conduct detrimental to the program shall be grounds for removal of all financial assistance present and future.
F. This list shall not be considered all-inclusive, and Badger Swim Club reserves the right to refuse financial assistance.