giving a flower

Badger Swim Club recognizes and offers special thanks to all those who have contributed during 2018. Your generosity is very much appreciated and you are helping to make a difference in the lives of many Badger swimmers!

Please note: This may be an incomplete list. Please contact us with inaccuracies.

Special Thanks to:

  • The Pennington Family
  • The Torres Family
  • The Whittington family
  • The Romas Family
  • Bookkeeping Links, Inc
  • The Kim Family
  • Pabby Family
  • The Erkal Family
  • Patrick Conaton
  • Judy Moon
  • The Eid Family
  • Marjorie Bee
  • The Robins Family
  • Madison Aquatic Club
  • The Loveless Family
  • The Wu Family
  • A thankful Badger
  • The Vincent Family
  • The Fine Family
  • Daryl & Harvelle Stewart
  • Boff
  • The Soviero Family
  • Evan Barr & Family
  • Scottie Berridge
  • Wendy Grant Mungroo
  • The Kim Family