Special Thanks to the 2018 Donors

Badger Swim Club recognizes and offers special thanks to all those who have contributed during 2018. Your generosity is very much appreciated and you are helping to make a difference in the lives of many Badger swimmers!

Please note: This may be an incomplete list. Please contact us with inaccuracies.

Special Thanks to:

  • The Pennington Family
  • The Torres Family
  • The Whittington family
  • The Romas Family
  • Bookkeeping Links, Inc
  • The Kim Family
  • Pabby Family
  • The Erkal Family
  • Patrick Conaton

  • Judy Moon
  • The Eid Family
  • Marjorie Bee
  • The Robins Family
  • Madison Aquatic Club
  • The Loveless Family
  • The Wu Family
  • A thankful Badger
  • The Vincent Family

  • The Fine Family
  • Daryl & Harvelle Stewart
  • Boff
  • The Soviero Family
  • Evan Barr & Family
  • Scottie Berridge
  • Wendy Grant Mungroo
  • The Kim Family

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