Join us in wishing luck to our Badger Alumni competing in the NCAA this season! Each year Badger Swimmers attend some of the top academic and athletic schools in the country. We are proud of all our our swimmers past and present and cannot wait to see their future success in and out of the pool! GO BADGER!

Below is a list of all of our collegiate Badgers for the 2023 – 2024 season:

Amato, Jason – Emory
Anderson, Kate – Virginia Tech
Arnold, Lauren – Air Force
Assalone, Francesco – Denison
Chong, Vanessa – UPenn
Chtokolov, Daria – NYU
Cornish, Kristin – Johns Hopkins
Disanto, Justin – Bucknell
Fenlon, Matt – Stanford
Gjersten, Emily – Duke
Hardart, Max – Brown
Hierath, Yara – NC State
Jiang, Joy – UPenn
Kaufmann, Noelle – Michigan

Kim, Daniel – Princeton
Kim, Hunter – Princeton
Lara, Austin – Columbia
Lee, Christian – Yale
Loveless, Liam – Amherst
Loveless, Mary Kate – Holy Cross
McMillan, Alex – Holy Cross
Noon, Zoe – Dartmouth
Pestrikov, Zach – Cal Tech
Reyna, Alexa – Arizona State
Shimizu-Bowers, Hana – Northwestern
Schubert, Keala – Colorado College
Tsukikawa, Yugo – Michigan
Veru, Theo – Bowdoin

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