Greetings to everyone.

Yesterday we sent out information regarding a free text messaging service under badgerswimclub and the response to it was overwhelming.

So many have signed up that we have decided to branch out with a second service to help make sure everyone receives the correct information.

We ask that you read the below and sign up for the correct group to ensure you receive the correct info, don’t want the 8 /unders showing up at Lehman College when Senior Team is rescheduled.

All 8/Unders Comp. and Non-Comp, Learn to Swim, Swim School, Non-Comp 11/u

You will need to reply Stop to the reply text you received from Rainedout.com yesterday to end subscription to badgerswimclub

Send a new text to 84483 with the message of badgerswimschool to sign up for your designated group.

Junior Team, comp 10’s and Senior Team 

Please continue to use badgerswimclub and or sign up for it by texting 84483 with the message badgerswimclub



With Snow in the forecast for Saturday and Sunday, make sure your receiving the most up to date information regarding workouts our plans.  Still Check your E-Mail for further info.

The service we are using is Rainedout.com  a free text messaging service that is funded by ads that will show up at the end of each text.

This service will allow us to send texts to everyone subscribed of any urgent news, changes or items of interest.

The signup is very easy on your mobile device you will need to text the number 84483 with the content of the message being badgerswimclub      (one word)

This will automatically enroll you in the service and receive a response within 2 minutes.

Have your swimmer enroll too.

We will still be emailing you updates, but we strongly encourage you to sign up for this service as this will be our first way of notifying you of anything urgent.

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