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Just an opportunity to let you know what’s going on with Badger Swim Club these days…..

We’ve always been a small team with big ideas and goals, and that hasn’t changed…..what has changed however is the landscape of competitive swimming…. In order to compete successfully at the highest levels, which has always been Badger’s mission, I’ve had to be creative in my thinking and innovative in implementation….. We’ve re-organized the age group program, established a strong Learn-to-swim program, addressed the issue of professional swimming, all without losing my focus on the Senior team. We are also, importantly, moving forward on plans to build a Badger indoor facility.

I’ve established the Road to Rio project, The Badger 2020 initiative, and of course, the Badger Ball to be held on May 28th at Glen Island Harbour Club….but support is needed….

Badger has an illustrious, talented, and vibrant legion of alumni, friends and supporters from as far back as the 1950’s to the present day….we need your help in order to make it all work….Whether it’s just to continue the Badger legacy, started so many years ago- and that we’re all part of, or the noble notion of continuing to making Olympic dreams come true….

Badger is an idea, an experience, a concept….and we don’t want it to go away.  I want Badger to be better than ever.

Jeff Powers, from my very first team,  has volunteered his time and is taking an imperative role in making it all happen- he is trying to collect contacts, an unenviable job, but one he is well armed to do….he needs everyone’s cooperation….. Teresa Lantin, a dedicated parent from my present team, is in charge of planning the Badger Ball, a monumental undertaking….those two, along with my daughter-in-law, Chrissy Collins, will be in the forefront of the action… but there are hundreds of Badgers out there across the country who need to be persuaded, cajoled, or dragged, if necessary, to get to the Badger Ball and/or informed of the direction in which we are traveling….

I think it’s an exciting undertaking….a bit uncharacteristic for me but it needs to done if we want to stay on top…

If you want to connect or have questions….don’t hesitate to call or email me…. If you want more information about the Ball, I encourage you to contact Teresa or Chrissy- we need sponsors….If you can assist Jeff with networking, I also encourage you to connect with him- he needs all the help he can get….

In closing…. I ask you all to get on the Badger Bus with me one more time…. I hope to see you all at the Badger Ball….



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