Silvers Volunteers

Every meet requires volunteers to ensure the meet goes off without a hitch! We can’t do it without you! Please sign up for a volunteer position and consider signing up to bring snack and drinks for the pool deck for the coaches and officials to keep their energy up! VOLUNTEERS GET FREE ENTRY!

Click to learn about the different volunteer roles at a meet.

  • Volunteer Positions

  • Each Session requires volunteers to ensure a well run meet. We need timers, marshalls, help working the door, organizers and more! Please select your volunteer role for one or two sessions using the dropdown below.
  • Session 1- Friday 2/22 PM

  • Session 2- Saturday 2/23 AM

  • Session 3- Saturday 2/23 PM

  • Session 4- Sunday 2/24 AM

  • Session 5- Sunday 2/24 PM

  • Coaches Deck Snacks

    Coaches from our team and others work long days during the meet. Help keep their energy high by volunteering to bring beverages, food and snacks!
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