giving a flower

Badger Swim Club recognizes and offers special thanks to all those who have contributed during 2017. Your generosity is very much appreciated- we couldn’t do it without you!

Please note: This may be an incomplete list. Please contact us with inaccuracies.
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  • Westchester Family Wellness
  • The Vincent Family
  • The Lugato Family
  • The Grusky Family
  • The Robins Family
  • Lea-Loveless Maurer
  • Marjorie Bee
  • The Jogis Family
  • James Bolster
  • Bookkeeping Links Inc
  • The Spencer Family

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  • The Romas Family
  • The Saidmuratov Family
  • The Lantin Family
  • Dan Needham
  • Colin Whittington
  • The Golab Family
  • Brian McDonald
  • Kristina & George Bishof
  • Ed & Jen Barr
  • Daryl Stewart
  • Maura & Rich Lee
  • Iryna Lomova (Chtokolov Family)
  • Brian Scanlan & Cynthia Chang
  • The Loveless Family

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