Senior Team Practice Calendar

This calendar is subject to change. Please check back frequently and always check your email for last minute venue and time changes. Please speak to your coaches if you have schedule questions.

MON1/7SUNY5:30-7:00 AMAll Sr Team
MON1/7Lehman5:30-7:30 PMAll Sr Team
TUE1/8SUNY5:30-7:00 AMAll Sr Team
TUE1/8Lehman5:30-7:30 PMAll Sr Team
WED1/9Lehman5:30-7:30 PMAll Sr Team
THU1/10SUNY5:30-7:00 AMAll Sr Team
THU1/10Lehman5:30-7:30 PMJohn coaching
THU1/10Manhattanville5:30-7:30 PMDom coaching
FRI1/11Lehman5:30-7:30 PMAll Sr Team
SAT1/12Lehman8:00-10:00 AMSwimmers Choice - John coaching
SAT1/12Manhattanville6:30-8:00 AMSwimmers Choice - Miriam Coaching
SUN1/13Lehman9:00-11:00 AMAll Sr Team
MON1/14No AM Workout
MON1/14Manhattanville5:30-7:30 PMSwimmers Choice Dom Coaching
MON1/14Lehman5:30-7:30 PMSwimmers Choice John Coaching
TUE1/15SUNY5:30-7:00 AMAll Sr Team
TUE1/15Manhattanville3:30-5:30 PMAll Sr Team
WED1/16Manhattanville5:30-7:30 PMAll Sr Team
THU1/17Lehman5:30-7:30 PMAll Sr Team
FRI1/18Manhattanville5:30-7:30 PMAll Sr Team who not at a meet
SAT1/19No workoutRutgers and Texas
SUN1/20No workoutRutgers and Texas
MON1/21Lehman7:30-9:30 AMAll Sr Team - Martin Luther King Jr Day
TUE1/22SUNY5:30-7:00 AMAll Sr Team
TUE1/22Lehman5:30-7:30 PMAll Sr Team
WED1/23Lehman5:30-7:30 PMSwimmers Choice John Coaching
WED1/23Manhattanville5:30-7:30 PMSwimmers Choice Dom Coaching
THU1/24SUNY5:30-7:00 AMAll Sr Team
THU1/24Lehman5:30-7:30 PMSwimmers Choice John Coaching
THU1/24Manhattanville5:30-7:30 PMSwimmers Choice Dom Coaching
FRI1/25TBD5:30-7:30 PM
SAT1/26ManhattanvilleTBDBadger Meet
SUN1/27ManhattanvilleBadger Meet

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