Badger Swimmmer, Andrew Babyak, was selected to be the Con Ed Scholar Athlete of the Week for the week of February 27, 2018. Congratulations Andrew!

As reported by Bronxville School District:

Senior Andrew Babyak – a highly skilled, accomplished swimmer and dedicated student – has been named Con Edison’s Westchester Scholar Athlete of the Week. He was recognized for his athletic and academic achievements by a panel of athletic directors and coaches.

Babyak, who swims for the New Rochelle-Bronxville combined team, is a two-time state champion, two-time section champion, two-time All-American and one of the top 10 mid-distance freestyle swimmers in the country. He most recently became a section champion in the 200-yard freestyle and 500-yard freestyle individual events. He also won gold medals in the 200-yard freestyle and 500-yard freestyle relays as a member of the team. He has earned the 2017 Classroom Leadership award for collaboration, the David Engalls Award for excellence in academics and athletics, and the 2017 William and Mary Book Award.

“Among his many notable personal traits, Andrew’s perseverance has been his most notable and the one that I admire most,” guidance counselor Barbara Dhyne said. “He approaches life with determination and is not easily discouraged. Through it all, Andrew has a great attitude and good humor.”

Despite a demanding athletic training and competing schedule, Babyak has excelled in the classroom and takes a challenging course load consisting of Advanced Placement and honors level classes. He is an accomplished French and math student and has mastered advanced physics. According to Dhyne, one of his strongest skills is his writing, in addition to developing excellent research and organizational skills.

Throughout his high school career, Babyak has taken on leadership roles and organized collaborative classroom groups and outside study groups. He also worked with the nonprofit Fuel Up to Play 60, which is sponsored by the NFL and National Dairy Council, to lead and complete a community service project that taught other students at his school how to lead healthy lives. Babyak is known for his ability to listen and collaborate with his classmates and teachers and lead presentations in an inclusive manner.

“Whatever area of study Andrew pursues in college, I have confidence that he will be successful and well-received due to his very likable personality and strong personal values,” Dhyne said.

Babyak has committed to continue to swim when he attends the University of Michigan in the fall.

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