We are pleased to announce an exciting addition to our ten and under competitive program!

Cristina Teuscher, the two time U.S. Olympian and Atlanta gold medalist, winner of the Honda-Broderick award in 2000 as the NCAA’s outstanding female athlete, and former Women’s coach at Yale, and longtime Badger, will be working with the eight and ten year old groups on a twice weekly basis for the remainder of the season.

This is a tremendous opportunity for this group to be exposed to Cristina’s insight into the age group experience and her unique approach to teaching correct technique to the young swimmer. This partnership brings one of Badger’s most successful individuals back to her roots.

Cristina, and her husband Amerigo, have recently launched in Greenwich The Sweet Blue Swim Academy. Sweet Blue Swim Academy teaches everything from learn to swim for individuals of all ages to advanced technique. While with the Badger swimmers, Cristina will be focusing on drills and technique refinement. She will be in the water with swimmers.

All currently enrolled, active, competitive swimmers under 10 years of age, are invited to move locations for this program on Wednesdays and Fridays from 5:30-7:30 at Manhattanville. *This schedule is subject to change. Normal Age Group Team practice will not change and swimmers have the choice to continue to swim at their regular New Rochelle location or participate in the program at Manhattanville.

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