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Dear Badger Swimmers, Families, Alumni and Friends


Today more than 200 of the Badger Families will come together at the Badger pool in Larchmont for a cookout to honor our graduating high school seniors and 16 Badger swimmers who qualified for the upcoming Olympic Trials. Nine of these swimmers are from Westchester and seven are post-graduates.

Oyimpic1As you know, my goal has always been to have Badger represented at the highest level of swimming.  I am happy to report on Badger’s watch that three Badgers have become National Champions in the sprint that began three years ago, Cody Miller, Zane Grothe and Lindsay Vrooman.


These swimmers are quality individuals that wanted to continue to swim after college but needed scholarships to get them to Rio, and they wanted to compete for Badger.  All of our post-grads have the same values, ambition and talent of our other Badger swimmers. They have added considerable value to our Badger program, helping our senior and junior teams right down to our youngest members getting them to “step up”… through education, training and communication of what fast swimming is all about. Seniors


The outcome is self-evident in the posture our entire team has taken in an Olympic year. The shared journey of the Badger program culminates with the Summer Olympics in Rio.

I want to thank all of our swimmers, swim parents, alumni & friends for being a part of this program. And for your continued support of the Badger legacy, which I remain so proud to be a part of. We look forward to the BBQ and celebration of these milestones and thank everyone for their contributions.


John H. Collins Jr RED CLAW











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